Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Set up the IPCMC now!

COMMENT The culture of the Malaysian police has caused too many innocent people grievous hurt.

This hurt ranges from failing to protect us from petty crimes and failing to deliver justice for crimes committed against us, all the way to illegal assaults and deaths in custody.

Many of us have been direct victims, but almost all of us are at most one degree of separation from someone who has suffered because the police are not doing their job right.

This certainly does not apply to all Malaysian police, but it applies to enough to raise serious questions as to what the heck is going on with our police leadership.

On Sunday night, a small candlelight vigil was held at Bukit Aman to focus on the death of K Murugan. Only 20 or so came, but whether this number grows this week, will be up to you.

Murugan had been an aide to K Vasantha Kumar, who contested the parliamentary seat of Tapah representing PKR against MIC’s M Saravanan. Saravanan won, and is now deputy minister in Khairy Jamaluddin’s Youth and Sports Ministry.

NONEThe information below was gathered from news sources and conversations I had with the family of the deceased, the lawyer representing them, M Visvanathan (left), and Vasantha Kumar during the candlelight vigil.

On the night of May 1, Murugan organised a ceramah at Taman Sri Bidor, which was located within a MIC stronghold but nonetheless attracted more than 500 people.

Murugan did this despite having received death threats and demands that he withdraws his support for Vasantha Kumar. It does not take an expert criminologist to determine whose supporters had the most motive to make those threats.

Demonstrating great courage in the face of vicious gangsters, Murugan did not back down, but continued to bravely live out his convictions.

On the very night of that ceramah, Murugan got a call, rode off on his motorcycle and was not seen again.
His body was found days later. His face had been smashed, while his body was slashed and tied with barbed wire and 52kg of scrap metal before being dumped into a pond near Batu Gajah.

Blatantly one-sided investigations

It seems that such horrifying violence could have only been inflicted by men who did not believe they would suffer any consequences for the murder. It is almost equally horrifying to see that they may have been right.

As if the tragedy of such a violent death was not enough, Murugan’s family and associates have since been subject to more suffering at the hands of the police.

NONESome 18 people were identified to “assist with investigations”. Not a single one of these were BN supporters or people aligned to Saravanan.

This is an outrageous injustice in itself. After all, who was it that made the threats against Murugan’s life? Who had the most to gain by ‘removing’ people like Murugan (right)?
How is it that not a single person from the group of people who would make the most obvious suspects is even investigated or questioned?

Instead, the 18 people identified were all friends and associates of Murugan, or members of the public. The manner in which ordinary people have been investigated in this case is shocking.

A relative of Murugan recounted how people who had come to Murugan’s mother’s house to pay their respects and offer condolences were spied upon and then accosted by police.
These people were sharply questioned about the case, and some reported having been slapped by the police. Soon, no one dared to come to see Murugan’s mother, isolating her in the midst of her heartbreaking trauma.

It would be stupid enough for a criminal to visit his victim’s mother; the only thing more stupid than that is for a police personnel to assume that a criminal would do such a thing.

Of the 18 identified, 12 have been arrested. Reports have emerged of their abuse while in custody, with two allegedly being subject to both beatings and electrical shocks. Apparently, in the Royal Malaysian Police Force, (PDRM), this is called “investigation”.

NONEThe Perak deputy police chief, A Paramasivam, openly identified one S Marimuthu in the media as a suspect in the case, due to the latter having a “criminal record”.

Marimuthu was a fellow supporter of Vasantha Kumar (left). Not only is it extremely unlikely that a colleague of Murugan had any reason to murder him, it turns out that Marimuthu has absolutely no criminal record whatsoever.
It appears that the police have begun creating false information out of thin air and expect to successfully force it down our throats.

Furthermore, why did Paramasivam have to defame Marimuthu in the media? A simple phone call or polite interview would have cleared up the matter of the criminal record.

When Marimuthu decided to come forward and make a police report regarding the defamation proffered by the police, he was unceremoniously arrested. Thus is the fate of honest citizens, while the police inspector involved in the murder of N Dhamendran is supposedly “still at large”.

Many questions, few answers

There are a great number of accusations flying around regarding Saravanan's involvement in this entire affair. Perhaps it is time this deputy minister stood up and provided his version of the events, especially if he is in fact innocent.

The relative I spoke to kept using the word “unfair”. How can the police only investigate one side? Do they have any real evidence at all, or any cause to detain the people the way they did? In the unlikely event that they did, was there any call for physical abuse and electrical shock torture?

Are the police aware of how blatantly they appear to be working hand in glove with violent gangsters? Are these gangsters in league with BN politicians? Is it getting harder to tell the difference between the three?

The various implications made in this article are serious, but can we be blamed, given the shocking way this “investigation” seems utterly devoid of an objective pursuit of justice?

NONEMultiple layers of harm ripple out like waves from this case. The police have failed to clamp down on brutal gangsterism; they have failed to investigate the people most likely connected to the case; they have arrested, intimidated and tortured innocents.

With every wave, the victims and their families suffer more and more.

Those arrested were remanded for two weeks, and some lost their jobs, forever suffering an undeserved tarnished reputation. We can only imagine the trauma and fear Marimuthu’s (left) wife and two children are now undergoing while he faces uncertainty in the hands of a violent police force.

Yet, maybe they are better off than Murugan’s mother, wife and child, who cannot even hope for his safe return now. Their only hope is justice, and it seems at times a very thin hope at that.

The three of them had lived together in Bidor, so who will take care of them now? Murugan’s mother has been down with a fever since his death, but she still made the two-hour trip down to join the candlelight vigil because the family felt an obligation to do so. Afterwards, her other son drove her to Bidor and came back the same night to go to work the next morning.

Will we let these families feel as if they stand alone?

If your answer is no, and if you want to show and provide support, join us at the next vigil at Bukit Aman, 8.30pm this Wednesday night.

NATHANIEL TAN hopes to always follow the example of K Selvach Santhiran, one of the only witnesses to ever dare testify in a death in custody case. He tweets @NatAsasi

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Monkey does it again!

Yup Monkey...... check if anything's there between the ears!

Yo monkey you certainly have been busy haven't you. You naughty little turd! Monkey when you make fun of others you call it "satire". But when others do it you call it "bad faith/mala fide". 

Dei monkey.....I give it to you dei. That "yo-yo" bit was good. Nice one. However i must state for the record that for you to do "satire" on this topic clearly illustrates the lack of compassion and all that is good in you. I now confer on you the "Malaysian 1 Idiotic Monkey"! You deserve this title monkey, for you have clearly illustrated to the whole world as to what a despicable scumbag you truly are. 

Monkey you are also actively giving talks as a founder of some shit crap organisation that you founded recently i see. Good. Recently i got some feedback as to what the audience thought of your so called erudite speeches- absolute crap said one. Another said you lacked confidence with hands trembling and all. Hmmmm.....i guess public office is not for you lah. Back to the zoo it is for you little dirty monkey!

If there is a new government after GE13 little monkey be forewarned........i am gonna get the powers that be to come and investigate you, warts and all. That my dear monkey is a promise! I want the whole world to know just what sort of a monkey you really are.

Sleep tight monkey. I will be in touch!

MV Nathan

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monkey lacks a functioning brain!

Wah .....monkey you are pissing in your mouth ah? Wah.... so clever one! Monkey I just read your latest posting on your blog. Wah...you want all the opposition law breakers/makers to use the new technology for post mortems. The new 3D digital post mortems you opine would avoid all the messy bloody and needless operations. What a clever monkey you truly are! 

Monkey you ass wipe have you considered the law? When you suggested your brilliant idea did you check up on the law? No ........? Aiyah I thought you were a clever monkey! To put it very simply i.e to enable that pea sized brain of yours to comprehend....There is NO such provision under the law! 

Monkey by making your learned suggestion are you also saying that we close down all the pathology departments across the country? Aiyah why you so cruel to cause further misery on the nation by adding to the number of unemployed in the country? Remember how you always tell me....."I am just an unemployed monkey now! No zoo will keep me in their cages. There is a conspiracy to rid of me from the zoo". If you cant remember just call me monkey i will sure to jog your memory! 

Monkey making fun of people who had died in custody of the police etc is no laughing matter. Your "satire" as you like to call it is in bad taste. Your poking fun of the more than 2000 dead is sick and clearly illustrates how low you would stoop to please your BN pet keeper. Shame on you! You I am sure will get your just rewards. The law of nature is such. Good begets good and evil deeds begets more evil.

Monkey have you even stopped to consider why people who are able to walk into a police station etc end up being dead just after a few hours in custody. There are so many things I can write here about this problem but i wont. If you are able to read monkey, try getting yourself a copy of the Royal Commission Report on the police. It is self explanatory.

Monkey why dont you just continue writing about how you love gorging yourself on food and alcohol (and ogling women) instead of writing stuff that amplifies the lack of a functioning brain attached to your ugly Ape face !

MV Nathan 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Monkey u awake?

Yo Monkey! You have been reading the news lately? You talk about opposition leaders having no brains right? Read this article then.http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/dr-m-no-malice-in-ibrahim-alis-bible-burning-threat/

In my book the old man has lost his marbles. He is just plain mad for wanting to come to the racist Ibrahim's defence. Hello monkey you still awake? What say you now? Are you just gonna keep your monkey eyes closed and pretend not to be able to read now?
Stupid Monkey .......grow some balls lah!

Write lah something that is worth reading instead of that load of monkey dung that you dish out regularly!

MV Nathan

Friday, February 1, 2013

Monkey does what monkey does best...talk c**k!

"Truth be told, how many of those who willingly respond understand the overall facts of what they’re fighting about?" - By Monkey the ass wipe.

Fuyoh...! And you do is it Monkey?

I just read your latest piece on how some opposition leaders namely Lim Kit Siang and Nizar Jamaluddin ought to have brains before "tweeting". You had given examples as to how stupid these two gentlemen had been in your monkey mind. I have put below both the tweets to be fair to you.

Boss what is so wrong in both these tweets? Did the 2 at anytime say something that had made fun or made light of the sufferings of the Yau family? They had raised their concerns as POLITICIANS as to the state of the nation. They were trying to say that it is no longer safe for us Malaysians and the fact that it IS THE BN goons that are responsible for the state of affairs in the country! May i add that Nizar had also opined that it was the BN politicians that were actually trying to "cash in on William's death".

Monkey are you actually saying that as politicians that they ought not even have an opinion on the subject? Look ... I am not a member of any political party and i am not inclined to join any party in the near future. Having said that I am of the humble view that the above 2 tweets is not something that would have offended the Yaus or the "grieving nation" as you put it.

Monkey use your time well and write with more substance in the future (if you have to). As for your other "erudite" piece on the Judiciary......aiyah boss you know what is the problem. You have even said it to me. So be a monkey that has some honour and just be truthful! The judiciary today is a pale semblance of its glorious past. You and i know who was responsible but yet you write so many words that evade the issue and confuse the reader.

I say it here loud and clear Monkey.....It was Mahathir and his BN administration that had caused the Judiciary to be in its present state today. Just go and ask any Ali, Ah Chong and Samy out there. They will tell you. 

So Monkey just stay in your caged zoo and learn how to juggle the peanuts thrown at you!

MV Nathan

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dumb Monkey!

Monkey,monkey,monkey! You naughty little monkey. What is this you warning people about having views and making it known to others? Monkey you forget that people tend to get smarter after being lied to continuously in the past. Malaysians are fed up with the lies and all the corruption that had gone on for years. All these abuses must stop!
Look monkey....the era of stupid ridicilous propaganda and lies by "Big Brother" is no longer relevant nor wanted in this day and age. You write as if you are the sound of reason in this chaotic times. You write as if your views are so "right" and appropriate for us Malaysians. You write warning us Malaysians of the pitfalls of social media and for being too vocal in our views. Strangely at the same time you also say you advocate for free speech and healthy discussions. Hmmm.......
Monkey its time for you to get off that high chair and stop preaching your monkey ideology. We know you better.
One things for sure, and i give you credit for this......you sure are good with words.You have a gift. Sadly I am of the view you use it for the wrong reasons. Strangely you do not write to highlight all the abuses by the powers that be in this country. Surely you must be paid handsomely to be a paid stooge for the powers that be in this country!
So what about the debate then? You up for it? A public debate just you and me. Let our peers hear us and let them make up their minds. I know you give talks here and there right? This should be no problems for someone like you then. Especially so in your case as you are so convinced of your very erudite views.
Call me Monkey! You have my number.

MV Nathan

Friday, January 25, 2013

Just resign and go Hisham!

http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/hisham-mum-on-ipcmc-in-wake-of-handcuff-death/ . Dear Mr Home Minister. It appears that you have lost control of the PDRM. The cops are beginning to behave like Polis RAJA Di Malaysia. How can the OCPD decide investigations are to be closed? The man is seen to be handcuffed dead by the roadside with eye witnesses saying he was beaten by the cops! Why is there tumeric powder on his face? Call me a conspiracy theorists but the explanations by the OCPD of a simple "heart attack" simply do not add up and to me sounds like Hog wash! Mr OCPD should you have nothing to hide why do you refuse to follow and abide by the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code? 

The Home Minister is reported to have said in the NST today that he had called the PERKASA chief and clarified that it was all just talk. So rest easy Malaysians there is no truth to the Bible burning festival. Hello Boss do you know the law ah? The police is to investigate the reports against the fella first before submitting the investigation papers to the AG's chambers to decide whether to prosecute or not. There is no mention anywhere in the statute books for the Home Minister to call the offending person and to clarify whether he really intends to do the dastardly act! Boss did you really pass the Bar exams? I am informed you were a lawyer before.

P/S Monkey if you happen to read this piece why don't you write on the evidence presented at the RCI in Sabah. For once please use that keyboard and type a piece that is honest and truthful. What is that? Did you just say you aint got the b**ls to speak the truth?  Huh.......Thought so.

MV Nathan